Welcome to The Criminal Justice Institute


The Criminal Justice Institute, Inc. (CJI) is a private, not-for-profit tax-exempt (501) (c) (3), national firm that has provided services to federal, state, county, and municipal criminal justice agencies since CJI was established in 1978. CJI’s goal is to make significant contributions to state, county and federal criminal justice systems by providing consultation, research, and information dissemination services with a primary focus on prison and jail systems.

Our Mission

The Criminal Justice Institute (CJI) is committed to making significant contributions to correctional systems by providing research, consultation, contracted administration, information dissemination services, and correctional planning.

By providing these services to the field of corrections, CJI aspires to:

These goals ultimately are motivated by CJI’s beliefs that humans and orderly prisons offering constructive and instructive activities will contribute significantly to good citizenship and a safer environment for all.

A Commitment to Corrections

Our approach to providing services to the criminal justice field is based upon seven major principles. They are:

  1. Long-term commitment to the field of corrections and its success
  2. Practical first-hand prison and jail operational and management experience
  3. Extensive experience analyzing issues and developing systems to address those issues
  4. Broad national knowledge as to what works in a variety of circumstances and situations
  5. Personal, hands-on involvement throughout the course of our projects
  6. Interactive and collaborative relationships with our clients and
  7. Post project follow-up on the quality of our assistance


The Criminal Justice Institute was established in 1978 with the goal to serve the corrections community by sharing valuable research and expertise.

Today, that goal continues.